Tama Imperialstar IP58H4-HBK Drumset Hairline Black

Tama Imperialstar IP58H4-HBK Drumset Hairline Black

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Tama Imperialstar IP58H-HBK 18" Bassdrum Drumset

Hairline Black
inkl. HW-Set, incl. MCS1418 Cymbal Set

An 18" bass drum with a newly designed foldable bass drum lifter makes this kit the absolute right choice as an entry-level drum set for kids or a pro-style second kit for players of any age. This kit is especially good for small stages with little room to spare, and it produces a very big sound for such a compact set. Lightweight, single-braced stands allow for easy transport and set-up.
Bassdrum 18" x 14"
Tom Tom 10" x 8"
Tom Tom 12" x 9"
Floor Tom 14" x 12"
Snaredrum 13" x 5"

Hardware Set:
MTH600 double tom holder
HH35W hi-hat stand
HP200P Iron Cobra drum pedal
HS30W snare stand
HC33BW boom cymbal stand
Bass Drum Lifter

MCS Cymbal Set:
Meinl MCS 14" Medium Hihat
Meinl MCS 18" Crash Ride

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