EVH Amplification

EVH Amplification

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Black, 80 Watts, 2 channel, EL84 power tubes, incl. Footswitch, Two Channels, 6L6 tubes, Reverb, Incl. 2-Button Footswitch

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Black vinyl with Gold panel, 2 x 12" Celestion EVH Custom speaker, 2 EL-34 Tubes, 1w to 50 watts

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15 Watt High-Gain Alltube amplifier, 2 Footswitchable Channels, EL84 tubes, incl. Footswitch

548,00 *

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Red, White and Black Stripes, Made in the USA by Aluminati Boards, Recycled Aircraft Aluminium

169,00 *

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Black Front Panel with White Metal Grille, 15 Watts, 2 channel, EL84 power tubes, incl. Footswitch

649,00 *

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