Line 6 FBV 3 Foot Controller

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Line 6 FBV 3 Foot Controller

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Line 6 FBV 3

Next-Generation Foot Controller

The FBV™ 3 is a next-generation foot controller that gives you complete control over Firehawk™ 1500, AMPLIFi®, Spider®, and other Line 6 amps and effects. Five footswitches with assignable color LEDs, plus six single-color footswitches help you easily keep track of your amps and effects at a glance. With steel hardware and rugged metal casing, FBV 3 can withstand some serious punishment on stage. A single cable connects to your amp for power and communication, keeping your setup clean and simple. Unleash the full potential of your Line 6 amps and effects with FBV 3.

• Unleash the full potential of Line 6 amps and effects
• Keep track of your presets with assignable color LEDs
• Control effects with a full-sized volume/wah pedal
• Synchronize time-based effects with the tap tempo footswitch
• Rugged construction for long-term onstage reliability
• Compatible with Firehawk 1500, AMPLIFi, Spider and more

Enhance Your Performance Using Innovative Controls
With 13 steel footswitches—including five with assignable color LEDs—you can keep track of active amps and effects with ease. Quickly scroll through your custom presets using dedicated up/down footswitches. Take deep control of sweeping effects using the built-in expression pedal with a wah/volume toe switch. Easily synchronize time-based effects using the tap tempo footswitch, and make sure you’re always in tune with a built in chromatic tuner.

• Total hands-free control of Line 6 amps
• 5 on/off footswitches with RGB LEDs
• 6 footswitches with single color LED
• 2 Bank up/ down footswitches
• Built-in expression pedal with a Wah/Vol toe switch
• Bright LCD for active preset name, number, and chromatic tuner
• Durable footswitches and chassis
• Self-powered via included locking RJ-45 cable
• USB for PC/Mac® connection
• RJ-45 jack for connection to your Line 6 amp

• Firehawk™ 1500
• POD® HD Pro
• POD HD Pro X
• AMPLIFi® 150
• AMPLIFi  75
• Spider® IV 15, 30, 75, 120, 150
• Spider Valve
• Spider III (except Spider III 15 and 30)
• Spider II 112, 210, 212 & HD
• POD 2.0 (FBV version)
• POD xt
• POD xt Pro
• POD X3
• POD X3 Pro
• Bass POD xt
• Bass POD xt Pro
• Vetta
• Vetta II
• HD147
• LowDown®  (except LowDown 110)

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