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Lush Closet Classic Lacquer Finish - Aged Surf Green, Alder Body, '62 Jaguar Pickups, incl. Case

3.949,00 *

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Blue Floral, alder body, Maple fingerboard, Jazzmaster Flat Magnet CC neck and bridge pickups, incl. Brown Case

5.990,00 *

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honey blonde, flame maple top, chambered Okoume body, flame maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, floating tremolo, Jazzmaster pickups, incl. case

4.290,00 *

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by Masterbuilder C.W. Fleming, candy apple red, select alder Tele body with Strat contours, indian rosewood fingerboard, 3x handwound 50's single coil pickups, incl. case

4.999,00 *

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Limited Run of 50 - Replica of the 1946 Fender Prototype Solidbody guitar, opaque white - 1st Run from 1996 - Demomodell aus Ladenausstellung

9.999,00 *

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