Pete Thorn Clinic

Pete Thorn Clinic

SUHR / PETE THORN Europe Clinic Tour 2019

Am Mittwoch, 25. September 2019
Ab 19:00 Uhr
Bei uns im Laden
Eintritt ist frei
Dauer: ca. 60-90 Minuten
zur Anmeldung

Pete Thorn builds off his “Recording And Production For The Modern Guitarist” clinic that he did at Guitar Summit  2018 with this year’s “Small Rig, HUGE Tones” theme. 
With the release of the signature Suhr PT15 IR, the world’s first multi channel tube amp with built in reactive load and impulse response loading, it’s now easier than ever to craft and record world-class tube generated guitar tones, with minimal gear! 
Add to this tube powerhouse the Line 6 HX FX, an incredibly versatile, powerful, and yet supremely compact FX processor, and the sky’s the limit as far as inspiration and tone creation. In his clinic, Pete will track a full song using the PT15 IR and HX FX for all tones, detailing his musical and tonal choices along the way.

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