Ladner LBA-50 Head Two-Tone Red / Cream SHOWROOM

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Ladner LBA-50 Head Two-Tone Red / Cream

Two-tone Red/Cream covering with Cane Grille
"First Production Unit"
50 watt

The LBA50 is a British Voiced 50 Watt head with custom Merren Transformers installed. Chris Merren has been in the transformer business for quite a number of years now and specializes in Marshall style trannies. It utilizes either Solid State (Diodes) or Tube rectifier, switchable in the rear of the unit. The overall tone produced by the unit is Mashall-ish with a more rounded bottom and clarity at the upper mids.
independant and normal channel, Nermal volume, Bright volume, bass, middle, treble, presence controls, rear panel bias test points

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