Diezel Hagen Head

Diezel Hagen Head

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Output: 100 Watt, biasable in pairs (2 trimmers)
Channels: 4 individual: clean, crunch, mega, lead
Loops: 3, one midi switchable serial, a permanent serial and a perm. parallel loop (with volume ctrl)
Equalization: each channel with gain, volume, treble, mids and bass, 2 master volumes, presence, depth
Preamp: 6 12AX7 High Grade
Poweramp: 4 EL34BHT
Dimensions: 74x29x28 cm
Weight: 24 kg

Hagen is Diezel's answer to the needs of today's axemen: a hyper versatile, modern sounding, multi-channel amp loaded with four individual preamps, useful features, easily accessable via midi and a strong poweramp. Hagen covers the whole territory of modern guitar sounds no matter if 6 or 7 stringed.

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