Ladner Tomtone Deluxe Tom Riepl Stack - SHOWROOM

Ladner Tomtone Deluxe Tom Riepl Stack - SHOWROOM

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Tom Riepl Signature

complete stack with Tom-Tone Deluxe Head, SC1200-TD Cabinet and 2 Cases


Tom-Tone Deluxe Head:

40 Watts Class A/B Power 2 - 6L6, 5 - 12AX7

Switchable to 20 Watts Class A

40 Watts Class A/B operation utilizes an Output Presence control

20 Watts Class A operation utilizes an Output Presence and Resonance control

2 Channels Clean, OverDrive

Gain, Bass, Mids, Treble, ODdrive, ODLevel, Master

Alternate Voicings via Sparkle, Loose, Dimension and TomtoneT switches

Unique TomtoneT voicing, controlling the contour of the Mids and Lows

All-tube Serial FX Loop with SEND and RETURN Level Control

Hard EFX Loop Bypass totally removes the EFX Loop from the signal path

2 - button FootSwitch controlling Channel and EFX Loop Soft ByPass

All Aluminium Chassis

Front Panel Illumination

Variable BIAS with rear panel test points and accessible adjustment

4, 8 or 16 Output Impedance, rear panel selectable

AC Line selector selects 120VAC or 230VAC operation

All Custom wound transformers from Mercury Magnetics, USA


SC1200-TD Cabinet:

EV-12L Classic Speaker, 200 WATTS Continuous/400 WATTS Peak, 8 ohm

11 - Ply Baltic Birch Construction, Closed Back with Front Port

Heavy Grade Tolex with Metal Corners

Hand Crafted in the USA

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