Ladner Alien Verve Head Forrest Green

Ladner Alien Verve Head Forrest Green

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two-tone forrest green/cream with cane grille
optional EFX Loop with Send and Level control
40 Watts Class A/B Power
2 - 6L6, 4 - 12AX7
Single Channel
Gain, Bass, Mids, Treble, Reverb Level, Master
Reverb, Output Presence control, Bright Switch
Clean Boost - with Footswitch only
Hard EFX Loop Bypass totally removes the EFX Loop from the signal path (EFX Loop Only)
3 - button FootSwitch controlling Boost, Reverb and EFX Loop Soft ByPass (EFX Loop Only)
Variable BIAS with rear panel test points and accessible adjustment
All Aluminium Chassis
4, 8 or 16 Output Impedance, rear panel selectable
incl. footswitch
All Custom wound transformers from Mercury Magnetics, USA
Handcrafted by skilled artisan in the USA

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