Fender Telecaster Thinline Artisan LTD Maple Burl

Fender Telecaster Thinline Artisan LTD Maple Burl

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Fender 2018 Limited Artisan Maple Burl Thinline Telecaster Custom Shop

Elegant exotic figuring and classic Fender tone combine in the Artisan Maple Burl Tele Thinline, a stunning instrument with astounding aesthetic appointments. The rich-sounding two-piece Fiji mahogany body is topped by a 4A Flame Maple Burl top that swirls with texture that’s unique to each guitar. Crafted from 3A Birdseye maple, the “ ’63 C”-shaped neck is ideal for any playing style, and the 9.5”-radius African blackwood fingerboard sports 21 player-friendly 6105 frets. The hand-wound ’51 Loaded Nocaster® bridge pickup is matched with a hand-wound ’51 Open Loaded Nocaster neck pickup and Fat ‘50s wiring for classic Fender Tele tone that snarls and sings. Tortoiseshell binding and herringbone purfling on the top complete the package
Other features include 3-way switch, 1-ply Tortoiseshell pickguard, ’58-’63 Tele bridge with RSD brass saddles, vintage-style tuning machines with rare Tortoiseshell buttons, bone nut and wing string tree.
Includes strap, deluxe hardshell case and Cartificate of Authenticity.

Aged Natural

2-piece Fiji Mahogany body
AAA Roasted Birdseye Maple neck
"1963 C"-neck shape
African Blackwood fingerboard
9,5" fingerboard radius
21 6105 Narrow Jumbo frets
Nickel/Chrome hardware
'58-'63 Tele bridge with RSD saddles
Custom Shop Hand-Wound Loaded 51 Nocaster bridge pickup
Custom Shop Hand-Wound Open Loaded 51 Nocaster neck pickup
Fat 50's Tele wiring
Volume, Tone
Incl. Deluxe Hardshell Case
Ser-Nr #CZ537815
Weight: 2,88 kg

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