Magnatone Panoramic Stereo Camel 2x10" Combo

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Magnatone Panoramic Stereo 2 x 10" Combo

Camel with Oxblood
The Panoramic Stereo brings the Magnatone stereo experience to a smaller, more convenient size. Two 10" speakers are powered by four EL84 tubes (12 + 12 watts) of all tube stereo power for a very compact and wide sounding amplifier. All of this plus Magnatone's exclusive Varistor Pitch Shifting Vibrato, Tremolo and a full length Accutronics reverb tank means you can get the sound of a Twilighter Stereo in the perfect size for grab and go gigs or rehearsals.

Tube complement: 3x 12AX7, 12DW7, 4 x EL84
Inputs: High and Low Sensitivity
Power output: 12+12 Watts Push-Pull Class AB Stereo
Normal gain: 80 dB
Treble: 14 dB range at 2 kHz
Bass: 12 dB range at 60 Hz
Reverb: Full lenght Accutronics Reverb Tank - Tube driven 4 counterwound springs long pan
Footswitch: Two button included
Vibrato: True pitch-shifting varistor vibrato. Switchable to conventional tremolo.
Speaker: Two Magnatone Custom 10", Ceramic magnet
Dimensions: 508 mm x 572 mm x 254 mm
Weight: ca. 16,6 kg
Incl. Cover & Footswitch

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