Gewa G3 Studio E-Drum Kit

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GEWA G3 Studio Digital Drum Kit

G3 Modul Specifications
901 Instrument Sounds
40 Preset Kits / 128 User Presets
Exactly the same sound and trigger engine as our flagship model the GEWA G9
Up to 1000 Samples per Instrument (incl. Rim-Sounds + Ambient Samples)
High-resolution Multi-Layer samples, recorded in the Berlin Funkhaus Studios with up to 100 layers at 5 round robins sounds per velocity layer
3D Sonic Image - high-resolution samples for a realistic room sound
Bluetooth Audio and MIDI to stream music, record MIDI data or to use smartphone apps
Up to 100 WAV-Sample User slots (max. length 70 minutes mono, 35 minutes stereo)
Quick Record (Realtime .WAV Recorder)
Pad Compressor and 3-Band full-parametric EQ for each Pad
Output Compressor and 4-Band EQ for every output
4 effect banks (Ambient, Instrument Reverb, Room Reverb, Multi-FX)
12 Types Room Reverb / 9 Multi-Effects with several Presets
10x 6,3 mm stereo jack trigger inputs (fully compatible with pads from other manufacturers)
2x 6,3 mm stereo jack master outputs
1x 6,3 mm Headphone Output (Stereo), 1x 6,3 mm Mix-Input (Stereo)
traditional MIDI (IN/OUT/THROUGH)
USB Midi (for example to use with VST-Plugins) + USB Audio (2 IN / 8 OUT - fully compatible without any additional drivers) GEWA G3 Studio Digital Drum Kit

GEWA Drum Modul G3
Pad Set Configuration:
3 x 10" Tom Pads (2-Zone)
12" Snare Pad (2-Zone)
10" Kick Pad
14" Crash Cymbals (3-Zone, 360° Playing Zone, Choke Function) - 18" Ride Cymbal (3-Zone, 360° Playing Zone, Choke Function)
14" Hi-Hat Cymbals (3-Zone, 360° Playing Zone, Choke Function) - GEWA Studio Rack
Incl. GEWA Hi-Hat Stand
Incl. Cables and cable management

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