Pearl Crystal Beat CRB524FP Ruby Red - SHOWROOM

Pearl Crystal Beat CRB524FP Ruby Red - SHOWROOM

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Pearl Crystal Beat CRB524FP / C731 Shellkit Ruby Red

Seamless Acrylic Shells
7 mm Bassdrum shells / 6 mm Tom Shells
Acrylic Bassdrum hoops with matching finish
1.6 mm Triple Flanged Hoops
Optimount Suspension System
Air Suspension Floor Tom Feet
Molded Rubber Gaskets
Telescoping Spurs with rubber or spike tip

Bassdrum: 22" x 16"
Tom-Tom 12" x 08"
Floor Tom 14" x 13"
Floor Tom 16" x 15"

Shellkit ohne Hardware und ohne Tomhalter!

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