Alembic Series I K-Body Coco Bolo

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Alembic Series I 4-String K-Body

Coco Bolo top and back
Clear gloss finish with satin neck
32" medium scale
Mahogany body
Maple-Purpleheart accent woods
Balance K Body with Omega Cut
Tummy and Elbow Contour
Maple/ Purpleheart neck
Ebony fingerboard
Abalone oval inlays
Red Side LED's with amber 12th & 24th fret
Beveled front and back of peghead
Sterling Silver logo
Continuous wood backplates and wood trussrod cover
Chrome plated hardware
2 Vol, 2 Tone, 2 Q-switches, PU select
incl. Power supply and 5-pin cable
Ser-Nr #14505
weight: 4,88 kg
Alembic case optional!


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Alembic Bass Hardshell Case Alembic Bass Hardshell Case
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