Höfner Violin Bass 61 H500/1 LH Lost Bass

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Höfner H500/1-61-LB-L-0 "Lost Bass" Lefthand 61 Violin Bass

Limted Run of 10 Basses
Sunburst - Black/Red/Yellow Burst

Solid Spruce top
Flame Maple back and sides
Black/White top and back binding
30" scale
Maple-Beech-Maple neck
Rosewood fretboard
Pearl Dot inlays
42mm nut width
22 frets
Single Nickel "Rugby Ball" tuners
Ebony bridge
Höfner Trapeze tailpiece
2x Hofner Diamond Nickel pickups
Hofner HA2-B electronic
Incl. Case
Ser-Nr #W1006H038
Weight: 2,38 kg

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Exact Replica of Paul's lost 1961 Violin Bass
Lefthand Model

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