Morgan MVP-66 Combo Twilight

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Morgan MVP-66 Combo

Twilight finish
1x 12" Celestion G12H75 Creamback speaker, 16 Ohms
Handwired 1 - 50w variable tube amplifier with excellent tone
KT66 power tubes offer a powerful, biting tone
12AX7 preamp tubes deliver strong, clear response
Power Scaling control adjusts your power output between 1 and 50 watts
Simplified controls make dialing in the perfect tone easy
Boost circuit 
Solid state rectifier provides an instant response
8- and 16-ohm speaker outputs let you use almost any cab
Custom Designed, made in the USA, transformers

 - Power - Use this to adjust your MVP66 from 1w all the way up to 50w
 - Bass, Middle, Treble - These controls are very straightforward enabling you to explore a wide variety of tones.
 - Volume - Used to adjust the overall volume of the amp based on how many watts the "Power" control is set to. 
 - Gain - Pull the gain control to activate the ?Bright? mode of the amp or keep it pushed in for the "Normal" mode. 
 - Boost Level - Located on the back panel of the amp this control lets you dial in the amount of boost pushed into the amp.
Included footswitch

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