British Drum Co. The Duke LTD Snare 14x5.5


British Drum Co. The Duke LTD Snare 14x5.5

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Britsh Drum Co. The Duke Limited Edition Snare Drum

3000 year old Bog Oak Shell
14" x 5.5"
Single flange 4.5mm rolled steel hoops
Palladium lugs
Vintage style mini claws
24 carat gold tension rods
Palladium MKII strainer
Brass Snare Wires

At the heart of this very special limited edition snare drum is a spectacular shell made from 3000 year-old bog oak. The bog oak, carbon dated to approximately 1000BC, has been crafted into a 6mm thick 10-ply shell using our unique cold moulding process in our UK factory. We’ve then added a further 2-plys in bog oak reinforcement rings and round-over bearing edges to further unleash the naturally warm and dark sound of this incredible wood.

The Duke features 10-lugs, single-flange chrome plated hoops, mini butterfly claws, 24ct gold-plated slotted tension rods and is our first snare to feature our smooth-action Palladium MKII snare strainer.

The Duke snare drum - the past, present and future of snare drums.

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