Magnatone Single V 4x10 Combo WGS

Magnatone Single V 4x10 Combo WGS

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Magnatone Single V 4x10 Combo

Presented in the legendary 4 x 10" configuration and with 30 powerful watts driven by 6L6 power tubes, the Single V will really move some air! This amp features the classic Magnatone configuration of pitch shifting vibrato, swirling tremolo, and surf ready reverb! This road ready beast will cover all the tones from A to Z.

30 watts Push-Pull, Class AB
Tubes: 5x 12AX7, 12AU7, 2x 6L6, 12DW7, GZ34
Tube driven 4 Counterwound Springs Long Pan
4x 10" WGS speaker
Two-Button Footswich included, reverb and vibrato on/off
True pitch shifting varistor vibrato, switchable to tremolo
Weight: ca. 27 kg
Dimensions in cm: 61 x 27 x 66

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