Mezzabarba Skill 30 Head

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Mezzabarba Skill 30 Head

100% engineered and handmade in Italy.

2 Channels: recallable via footswitch.
Serial, full-tube effects loop recallable via footswitch.
Brite switch on the Clean channel boosts mid-high frequencies for utmost transparency. Boost switch saturates channel.
Innovative Power control "scales down" amp and allows it to perform at maximum saturation and dynamics even at very low volumes
Just like all Mezzabarba amps, the power amp section features oversized transformers that deliver the best and most solid sound in any conditions, at any volume.
Power amp tubes: EL34
Presence and Depth controls for ultimate sound chiseling
Dimensions: 44,5 x 24 x 21,5 (h) cm.
Weight: 11,5 Kg.
Incl. Footswitch 

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