Tama Fußmaschine HP900RMPR 50th LTD Psych Rainbow

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Tama 50th Limited Edition

TAMA 50TH Limited Iron Cobra Marble Single Pedal HP900RMPR

Since its release in 1993, the Iron Cobra has been the world's most highly rated pedal. At the core of the Iron Cobra series sits originality, and an unwavering commitment to constant innovation and evolution. With numerous limited edition models over the last two decades, this 50th Anniversary Limited Edition model serves as a special celebration of the Iron Cobra's long and storied history. Featuring two colorful designs, Coral Swirl and Psychedelic Rainbow, the Iron Cobra Marble Edition pedals are visually stunning, yet again setting the Iron Cobra apart from all others in its class.

Marble Psychedelic Rainbow
Rolling Glide LiteSprocket Cam
Power-Strike Cobra Beater
Swivel Spring Tight
Super Stabilizer Design
Para-Clamp II Pro
Cobra Coil
Oiles Bearing Hinge
Hinge Guard Block
Incl. Carrying Case

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