Tone King Sky King Combo Turquoise 1x12

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Tone King Sky King 1x12 Combo

American Blackface and Tweed Tones of the 1950s and '60s

35 Watt
1x 12" Speaker
2 Channel (Rhythm / Lead), Footswitchable
 - Rhythm Channel: Vol, Treble, Bass
 - Lead Channel: Vol, Tone
2x 6L6GC power tubes
4x 12AX7A preamp tubes
1x 5AR4 Rectifier tube
Selectable pentode (tighter), ultralinear (added sag) operation modes
Dual Ironman II reactive attenuation for each channel
Tube driven spring reverb
Bias modulation tremolo circuit
Incl. 2-Button Footswitch

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