Fender Telecaster Thinline Bigsby OLW/TTQ MB-VT

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Fender Thinline Telecaster Journeyman Bigsby Custom Shop Master Built

by Vincent van Trigt
Orange Burst Top
Olympic White Back and Sides

Body Top Binding
2-piece Alder Hollowbody with F-Hole
Plain Grain Maple neck
60-Style Oval "C" neck shape
9,5" fingerboard radius
21 Vintage Upgrade frets
Tortoise neck and Head Cap binding
Vintage tuners with White Buttons
Taos Turquoise Head Cap
1-ply Clear Pickguard painted ​Taos Turquoise on the Bottom
RSD J-Bridge with Bigsby B-5 tailpiece
Chrome/Nickel hardware
Duncan Cream P-90 neck pickup
Josefina Handwound 63 Tele bridge pickup
Present Day Tele Wiring
Knurled Chrome Relic knobs
Incl. Black Case
Ser-Nr #CZ552025

Weight: 3,34 kg

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