Strandberg basiner VitalGrip Guitar Strap

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Strandberg Basiner VitalGrip Guitar Strap

Your .strandberg* guitar is shaped and designed for the ultimate comfort, so for the best playing experience, we teamed up with basiner to create the best strap for your .strandberg*. With the rear strap button placed higher than most standard guitars, many conventional straps are simply too long - especially if you wear your guitar high. Additionally, rather than utilizing specialized strap lock buttons that may not work without special attachments, the basiner-designed VITALGRIP provides a completely secure locking mechanism without the need for special attachments. Check out the basiner web site for a full description and user guide.

The strap is adjustable for a total length between 90 - 120 cm (35" - 47").

VITALGRIP securely grips your guitar.
Uniquely durable fabric.
Comfortable neoprene with padded inner core for long-wearing comfort.
High quality seatbelt grade webbing.
Easy-adjust high-tensile buckles.
Quadruple layer end panels withstand frequent use.

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