Alembic Further 6 Guitar Coco Bolo

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Alembic Further 6-String Guitar

Natural Gloss
Coco Bolo Top and Back
Mahogany Core
Maple / Purpleheart Accent Woods
25.5" Long Scale
Flame Maple (outside)/ 2 Purpleheart / Cherry (Center) Through Body Neck
Ebony Fingerboard
Abalone Oval Fingerboard Inlays
Birdseye Maple Fingerboard Binding
Red Side LED's
Beveled Peghead
Ebony Front Peghead Veneer
Coco Bolo Back Peghead Veneer
Inlaid Alembic Logo in Sterling Silver, Mother of Pearl and Abalone
Gold Alembic Gotoh Tuners
Continuous Wood Backplates
Ebony and Brass Alembic Bird Tailpiece
Alembic ST-HB-HB Pickups
Master Volume, Filter for each pickup, off/on/bright for each pickup, mono output, TRS effects loop, on/off for effects loop
Incl. Case
Ser-Nr #F14918
Weight: 3,88 kg

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