Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine Cream Bronco 2x12 Combo

Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine Cream Bronco 2x12 Combo

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Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine 2x12 Bass Combo

Cream Bronco covering
Black Jute Grille
2x 12" speaker
600 Watts @ 4 or 2 Ohms (320 watt @ 8 ohm)
Trans-Class™ Power with 8/4 or 2 Ohm Impedance Switch
8 Power MOSFET’s
1 x 12AX7
Active/Passive Input Switch
Vacuum Tube Preamplifier featuring: Gain, Active Bass w/ Pull Deep, Passive Mids, 5-Position Active Mid-Voicing Switch, Active Treble and Master Volume w/Pull Mute
Tuner Output
FX Loop w/True “Hard” Bypass Switch
Balanced XLR Line Out
AA Marine Grade Baltic Birch Cabinet w/Aviation Style Bracing
Recessed metal handles
Tilt & Roll
Dimensions: 63.82cm H x 62.23cm W x 50.17cm D
Handbuilt in Petaluma, California

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