Friedman Plex Head 50W Vintage Collection

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Friedman Vintage Collection Plex Head

Dave Friedman's personal 1968 JMP Super Lead "Plexi" kicked off his lifelong quest for tone and inspired the entire Friedman Amplification product line. Friedman has earned the reputation of a master amp builder and capturing the magic of this unique amplifier has been his unrelenting passion-project for years.  The Friedman PLEX head is the realization of that dream.

The PLEX is a "verbatim sonic-twin" of Dave?s all-time favorite amplifier - that special '68 JMP. Sparing no expense in time and effort, Dave took great care in defining and utilizing the best modern construction techniques, sourcing the exact parts and finding the perfect tubes to reproduce this amp's character.  The Friedman PLEX is, in Dave's own words "my favorite."

50-Watt All-Tube Head
Inspired by Dave Friedman's favorite '68 JMP Super Lead Plexi
Channel 1 Volume (Lead spec channel)
Channel 2 Volume (Normal spec channel)
Internal Channel Jumpering
Post-Phase Master Volume Control
3-Way Bright Switch Per Channel
Bass, Middle, Treble, And Global Presence
2 X EL34 Power Tubes
3 X 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
4, 8, And 16-Ohm Impedance Jacks
Custom, USA-Made Transformers
Dimensions in cm: 22,23 (D) x 61 (W) x 25,4 (H)
Weight: ca. 15 kg
Assembled in the USA

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