Soldano SLO-30 Classic Head Purple / Cane

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Soldano SLO 30 Classic SUPER LEAD OVERDRIVE Guitar Amplifier Head

Purple Tolex
Cane Grille

White Control Panel
30 watt all tube head
Hand wired in the USA
Legendary high-gain and clean tones that defined modern rock
Compact design is perfect for studio and stages
Crystal cleans and harmonically rich crunch tones via the Normal channels Bright and Crunch switches
Thick and incredibly tight driven to distorted tones throughout the Overdrive channels range
Instant switching from the Normal to Overdrive channels via the included footswitch
Independent Preamp and Master controls
Global 3 band EQ, Presence, and Depth controls voice the entire amp
Improved tube-buffered FX loop
Variable Slave output offers direct recording, use with IRs, combining amps, and more
Use your 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker cabinets thanks to the onboard impedance selector
Preamp Tubes: Five 12AX7
Power Tubes: Two 5881 / 6L6
Incl. Footswitch
Dimensions in cm: 48 W x 20 x 25 H
Weight: 13,60 kg

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