Acoustic Image Clarus 2 Plus 601IA Plus Amp

Acoustic Image Clarus 2 Plus 601IA Plus Amp

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Acoustic Image Clarus 2 Plus 601IA Plus

2 channel amp
600 W switch mode power amplifierCapable of being mounted in Coda, Corus or Ten2 speaker cabinets Combo jack input (either 1/4″ or XLR)
Phantom power on XLR input
Three-band EQ preamp section
Input and master level controls
Effects loop with return level control
Switchable low cut filter
Phase reverse switch
Balanced direct out with ground lift
Digital effects with 6 presets and level control
Mute switch and pre/post EQ for direct out
Switchable limiter for high volume situations
Headphone output
Automatically switched dual voltage operation (100-115V/220-240V) Dual speaker outputs via Speakon connectors
Comes with padded case, Speakon to 1/4 inch adaptor
Weight: 1,81 kg
Dimensions in cm: 25,91 x 20,83 x 8,90

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