Magnatone Twilighter Camel 112 Combo

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Magnatone Twilighter 1x12" Combo

Camel with Oxblood Grille
Never before has this effect been recreated in its orginal form, Magnatone's Stereo Pitch Shifting Vibrato is truly dimensional sound. The classic American sound has been updated and brought into the 21st Century. Both vibrato and tremolo are available via the FM/AM switch. This is electronic Americana that oozes classic tone, a true tribute to the ancestor with power!

TUBE COMPLEMENT: 4 x 12AX7, 12AU7, 2 x 6V6, GZ34
INPUTS: High and Low Sensitivity
POWER OUTPUT: 22 Watts Push-Pull Class AB into 8 Ohms
TREBLE: 14 dB range at 2 kHz
BASS: 12 dB range at 60 Hz
REVERB: Tube Driven 4 Counterwound Springs Long Pan
VIBRATO: True Pitch Shifting Stereo Varistor Vibrato, Switchable to Conventional Tremolo
SPEAKER Magnatone Custom 12" Ceramic Magnet, Made by WGS in the USA
DIMENSIONS: 570mm W x 250mm D x 465mm H
Solid pine, finger-jointed construction
WEIGHT: ca. 18,5 kg
Incl. Cover & Footswitch

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