Fodera Bass Saiten 5-String Set 40120 XL Stainless Steel

Fodera Bass Saiten 5-String Set 40120 XL Stainless Steel

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Fodera Handmade Round Core 5-String Set No. 40120XL
Extra Long Scale Stainless Steel

Stärken: .040 .055 .075 .095 .120 - Ultra Light
X-Long Scale 36"
XL length strings fit on 35" scales basses strung through-body and on 36" scale basses.
Handmade in the USA
Unlike other custom builders, we make our own strings. Wound by hand by just three people in small batches, our Fodera strings have been developed in collaboration with some of the finest bass players in the world. They have been continually refined over the past fifteen plus years to ensure that they are the perfect complement to our handcrafted instruments -- or any other bass on which they may be used!
With unrivaled tone and feel, our strings are sure to have you playing at your very best.


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