ESP Snapper-CTM EX21-03 Exhibition Model 2021

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ESP Snapper-CTM Exhibition Model 2021 EX21-03

Stabilized Pink
Natural Gloss Top
Mystique Brown Side & Back
Buckeye Burl Drop Top
Line on Center
Honduran Mahogany body
Honduran Mahogany Sand Blast neck
Black & White Ebony fingerboard
Abalone with Mother-of-Pearl Dot Circle 6.5mm inlays
FW55090 NS frets
Matching Snapper headstock
Flicker-3 bridge
Gold hardware
Seymour Duncan Psyclone neck and bridge humbucker pickups                                              
Beveled Brass Gold knobs
Ser-Nr #E3041202
Weight: 3,88 kg

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