Yamaha Rydeen RDP0F5 SLG Cymbals Kit

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Yamaha Rydeen RDP0F5 Drumset with Hardware and Cymbals

Silver Glitter
Poplar shells
6-ply (7,2mm)
Triple Flange Steel hoops on Toms and Snaredrums
Steel Hoop with matching color inlay on Bassdrum

20" x 16" Bassdrum
10" x 07" Tom-Tom
12" x 08" Tom-Tom
14" x 13" Floor Tom
14" x 5.5" Snaredrum
Incl. 2x CL940LB Tom-Clamp

Incl. HW680W Hardware Set:
2x Boom-Cymbalstand, 1x Hi-Hatstand, 1x Snarestand, 1x Bassdrumpedal

Incl. Paiste 101 Cymbal Set:
14" Hi-Hat, 16" Crash Ride, 20" Ride

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