Soldano Astro 20 Head

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Soldano Astro-20 Head

20W lightweight all-tube guitar amplifier
Cascading-gain preamp design
 - 2 x 6V6
 - 4 x 12AX7
3 Independent Channels
 - VOLUME, PRESENCE and 3 position DEPTH switch
Clean Channel - the Green Galaxy
 - VOLUME, TONE and a 3-way BRIGHT switch
 - Ranges from crystal clean to pushed crunchy tones
Overdrive Channels
 - Independent GAIN and VOLUME per channel
 - Shared BASS, MIDDLE and TREBLE controls
 - Overdrive 1 and Overdrive 2 can be independently programmed to the BLUE, PURPLE or RED galaxies.
Overdrive Galaxies
 - BLUE Galaxy ranges from bluesy cleans to fat and sparkly hard rock tones
 - PURPLE Galaxy ranges from hard rock to punchy high gain drive with a tighter response
 - RED Galaxy with the famous sought after SOLDANO lead overdrive tone
 - Low Latency IR Cabinet simulation (bypassable)
6 IR presets, individually programmable per channel - these are the planets around the star.
 - Load your own IRs via the Software Editor
Included 4 button programmable MIDI foot switch pedal
7-Pin MIDI Cable Included
Ultra-transparent series FX loop
XLR Balanced Output with Ground Lift
Cab-less operation
Headphone Output with dedicated VOLUME control
MIDI programmable (up to 128 presets)
MIDI/Footswitch Input
1x16 ohm, 2 x 8ohm (parallel) and 2x4 ohm (parallel) speaker connectors
USB Software Editor - Includes a 6' USB Cable
Dimensions in cm: 48,26 (W) x 24,8 (D) x 22,9 (H)
Weight: 11,7 kg

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