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Pearl e/Merge EM-53HB Hybrid Drum Set

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The e/HYBRID kit configuration (EM-53HB) features an 18" acoustic bass drum with an internal version of the EM-KCB kick pad.
PUREtouch Electronic Pad System
Wave Trigger Technology
PUREtouch Cymbals
Pearl Tour Tested Hardware

EM-53HB - e/Hybrid components:
1x EM-14S 14" PUREtouch Snare Drum Pad
1x EM-10T 10" PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
1x EM-12T 12" PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
1x EM-14T 14" PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
1x EM-EBP 18" PUREtouch Bass Drum Pad, Complete
1x EM-14HH 14" PUREtouch Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad Set
1x EM-15C 15" Crash Cymbal Pad
1x EM-18R 18" Ride Cymbal Pad
1x EM-MDL1 Electronic Drum Module
1x DR-80EM Icon e-Rack System
2x CH-830ES Cymbal Holder, Short Boom
1x S-830 Snare Stand
3x TH-70E Tom Holder
1x PCR-50L Module Clamp

Module specifications
Sound Generator:
2 CPU (4 core + 2 core)
Polyphony: 128 voices
Voice: 700 HD Sound Library
Drum Kit: 35 HD kits
Effects: 36
Song Recording Type: 44.1kHz, 16 Bit WAV
Song Recording Time: Approximately 12 hours
Tempo: BPM 30 - 300
Beat: 1/2 - 24/2, 1/4 - 24/4, 1/8-24/8, 1 /8T - 24/8T,,1/16 - 24/16 (T=Triplet)
Click Voices: 10
Controllers: Knobs and Ambient Slider Control
Display: 3.25" x 1" Graphic LCD
Master Out L/Mono,& R
Direct Out (8)
Headphones Out
Aux In TRS Mini
Main Trigger Inputs ( DB-25,Connector )
Accessory Inputs (3)
USB to PC Port (transport USB audio & MIDI data)
USB-A (for WAV files and Settings data)
MIDI Output
Dimensions, Weight: 1 kg, 229mm W x 191mm D x 51mm H

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