Carr Super Bee Combo 1x12 Custom Green/Cream

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Carr Super Bee 1x12 Custom Combo

Green / Cream
Super Seductive, Super Rocking, Super Black Face inspired swagger sporting current production 6BeeM8 power tubes.

10 watts (the new 100) plus built-in attenuator for late night flying
3 position Sting switch taking you thru an alternate reality of Black Face tones - extra scooped beauty - center Fullerton strut - heated 70s CBeeS.
The Super Bees' EZ81 tube rectifier yields lively bounce while enhancing the amplifiers emotional buzz.
Suitable for home or afield.
16 US made Jupiter Caps inside
1x Carr Valiant 12" Speaker
1x EZ81 Rectifier
2x 6BM8 current production Power Tube/ Preamp Tube combo
2x 12AX7
1x 12AT7

3 position Sting:
 - 64 (extra scoop and shimmer)
 - 68 Classic Black Face
 - 72 (increased gain while changing where the Tone circuit is applied for a gigantic range of tones)
Treble, Middle, Bass
Variable 4th Generation Attenuator: Full power / 2 watts to whisper

Dimensions in cm: 53,4 W x 43 H x 23 D
Weight: ca. 18 kg

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