Fortin Evil Pumpkin Signature Head 100W

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Fortin Evil Pumpkin Jason Frankhauser Signature Head

The culmination of many years of collaboration across multiple amplifiers between Mike Fortin and Jason Frankhouser has resulted in a high-gain killing machine that stakes its claim to be at the very forefront of heavy music.
100 watts of tube power across 3 channels, (2 gain, 1 clean) creates ample headroom for decimating tone. Two highly tweakable gain channels deliver everything from tight, articulate rhythm tones to liquid and expressive leads. The third channel provides shimmering, American flavoured clean that is a perfect pedal platform, hugely responsive high headroom clean tones.
The Evil Pumpkin® Jason Frankhouser Signature amplifier is also MIDI controllable (IN/THRU) with MIDI IN that can also provide phantom power back to your MIDI pedal (via the 7 pin cable).
Leaving the amp on standby allows the player to kill the power tubes, run out of the FX send straight into their interface and DAW, making the amplifier a formidable studio tool that cannot be rivalled.
A Series FX loop, along with a buffered tuner out (that can be used to control the Key Input on a Zuul® and Zuul®+), and three 9vDC ground isolated outputs to provide power for pedals, completes this incredible package.

100 Watt
3 Channel Tube Amp - (2 Gain, 1 Clear)
7x 12AX7, 2x EL34 2x 6CA7
Series all Tube Loop, Instrument Level ready
External Dual Bias Controls and Test Points
Three 9VDC isolated DC Outlets to provide Power for Pedals
Lineout w/ Level Control
Buffered TUNER Output
MIDI Controllable (MIDI Footswitch and MIDI Cables not included)
MAINS select 120VAC/240VAC
Made in the U.K.

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