Magnatone Super Fifty-Nine M-80 2x12” Combo Camel

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Magnatone Super Fifty-Nine M-80 212 Combo

Camel with Oxblood Grille
This much-requested 2x12" Combo version of Magnatone's 45-watt, EL-34-driven model combines low to medium gain tones with an extra gain stage. Access it all via the front switch or  footswitch. Comes with a tube-buffered effects loop and a well-planned palette of tone controls

45 watt push-pull, Class AB
2 x 12" WGS-made Custom Ceramic Magnet Speakers
4, 8, AND 16 Ohms Combo - 8 and 16 Ohms
British voiced master volume design with treble, middle, bass, and presence
Tubes: 2x EL34, 4x 12AX7
Low-High Gain, footswitchable low to high gain
4,8 and 16 ohms Impedance Selector
1-Button footswitch included
Incl. Cover


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