Carr Bel-Ray Combo Black 1x12

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Carr Bel-Ray Combo

Three British classics in a performance-ready package

Power: 16 watts
Channels: One
Speakers: Fane F25 12"
Construction: Hand wired point-to-point in the USA
Components: Custom USA made transformers, Solen Fast Cap electrolytics, Carbon comp resistors, US-made Jupiter signal capacitors, and more
Tubes: two 12AX7s, one EF86, two EL84s, one EZ81 rectifier
Controls: Level, Top, Mid, Bass, tremolo Speed and Depth, Attenuator
Switches: High/Low taper, V66/H73/M68 voicing, 16W/attenuator, on/off/standby
Features: Tube-driven tremolo, built-in attenuator, 8-Ohm speaker out
Cabinet: Hand-crafted In-House from Euro Birch cabinet grade ply, and uniquely styled
Dimensions in cm: 53,3 W x 40,7 H x 21 D
Weight: 15,3 kg

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