How can I pay?
1.) Cash in Advance / bank transfer
After your order you will recieve an E-mail with all your paying informations. As soon we recieve your payment we ship your goods.
2.) PayPal
• PayPal is the online payment service that allows you to pay at online stores safely, easily, quickly and for free.
• Your bank or credit card details are stored only on PayPal. Therefore, they are re-sent over the internet during an online shopping transaction.
• You can pay in two clicks. Because you rely on your deposit or credit card data stored with PayPal, credit card information is never shared during any subsequent purchase.
• PayPal payments are quick. The seller can ship the goods immediately

In case of payment by Paypal, please log into your Paypal-account. Afterwards you are free to pay via debit entry, credit card, online wire transfer (through giropay) or deduction from your Paypal account. To pay with your credit card or deduction, you will need to enable these functions in your Paypal account. Further information regarding the Paypal-payment procedures can be viewed here
3.) PayPal PLUS
With PayPal PLUS you can pay by the conventionally PayPal (see 2.) or you can pay easily with your credit card - without having a PayPal acount.
4.) Pickup by Customer
You also can pickup your order directly in our shop.
Payment options are: