Frequent questions about web orders:

Is everything really in stock and immediately available? (yes)

- Yes, normally all as "in stock" marked products are really there and immediately available. Please do not ask for availability, the real inventory status is shown directly on the product page. In the rare case of a problem with the ordered item we'll get in contact.

Do the pictures show the actual instruments?

- For most guitars and basses and many drums the images are taken of the actual instruments, just like the weight and serial number. For amps, pedals, inexpensive instruments and similar items we often use stock images. If the serial number is part of the item description the pictures always are of the actual instrument.

Is there a return policy? (yes)

- Orders can be returned by consumers from the EU within 14 days from delivery. The return shipping cost is paid by the customer. You'll find more details about the right of withdrawal here.

How long does shipping take?

- Orders are normally shipped on the day of payment, or if it's after our daily dispatch (~ noon - 2pm) on the next working day. Delivery within Germany usually takes 1-3 working days. Through the EU 1-5 working days are common. Outside the EU shipping time is dependant on the country/continent and ranges from a few days to multiple weeks. For orders outside the EU over 1000€ we need to request export papers which adds 2-3 working days before we can ship the order. After shipping your order we don't have any further influence on delivery time or information about the schedule, for questions regarding delivery please contact the package carrier. More information about shipping and terms.

Which company delivers the package? (UPS, DHL)

- We ship via UPS and DHL, depending on location, weight, size, price. If you prefer one or the other please mention it in your order. For very large or heavy items we might use another specialized freight company.

Where do you ship? (worldwide)

- Directly via the webstore you can order to Germany and most European countries. If your country is not available during the order process please contact us, make sure to tell us the exact delivery address and a link or the item number of the product you want to purchase. We'll ship worldwide, except where prohibited (eg. trade embargo, sanctions, war zones).

What are the shipping costs and taxes? (see checkout)

- Shipping cost and VAT will be calculated and shown during checkout after entering your address. Within the EU total will include the VAT, for orders outside the EU no taxes are charged by us. Depending on the country there might be (further) taxes, fees or other charges before, during or after delivery. The general prices advertised in the webshop include 19% VAT and are only applicable for domestic sales. More information about shipping and terms.

Is the shipment insured and trackable? (yes)

- Yes, all packages are fully insured and can be tracked on the websites of UPS and DHL, or their local partners. Tracking details will be forwarded via Paypal, Reverb, Ebay or per mail. It might take 24 hours or longer for tracking to update.

How can I pay? (bank transfer, Paypal)

- In our webshop you can pay via bank transfer (SEPA) or Paypal. Via Paypal you can also pay with credit cards, no account is necessary. We do not offer COD (cash on delivery) on purchase on account.

Do you offer financing? (no, but reservations)

- We don't offer typical financing, but for a deposit we'll reserve and hold the instrument for you. After the total amount has been paid over the agreed period the order will be shipped or can be picked up. Please contact us if you're interested.

I just ordered something online and now it's "out of stock"? (totally normal and expected)

- That's usual and simply means that we had just one item, so after your order we don't have any further stock left. The order will be processed and shipped after we receive your payment.

My Paypal payment was interrupted, how can I pay now? (bank transfer)

- If the Paypal payment wasn't completed you can instead simply do a wire transfer. If you want to try Paypal again please contact us.

Can companies order without paying VAT? (yes)

- If you're a company within the EU (but not in Germany), simply enter your VAT-ID during registration and you'll be shown and charged only net prices. You need to create an account before ordering VAT-less! If you're located within Germany you don't need to enter your VAT-ID as you'll have to pay VAT anyway, and then instead get it deducted through your tax declaration.

Can you delay the delivery or ship on a certain date? (yes)

- Sure, just add a comment to your order or message us if you want your order to be shipped not before a specific date.

There's no invoice in the package.

- The invoice is usually on the outside of the package, sometimes behind the shipping label.

Frequent questions about visiting and buying locally:

Is everything really in stock? (yes)

- Yes, normally all as "in stock" marked products are really there and immediately available for pickup after your order or appointment was submitted.

Can I look at and try out the instruments? (yes)

- Of course you can try out our guitars, basses, amp and effects in our store. If you're interested in specific instruments please make an appointment.

How can I pay? (cash, card)

- In our store you can pay cash, via debit-, Visa or Master Card, as well as Paypal or instant wire transfer in special cases. If you want to pay by card please make sure to check your card spending limits (typically 1500€ - 2500€ for EC cards).

Why and how should I make an appointment?

- To ensure proper service we ask you to make an appointment for your visit, so we can prepare the instruments and make sure salespeople are available. Without an appointment expect waiting times and non-prepared instruments. For accessories like strings, sticks, cables or for just looking around no appointment is necessary.

Frequent questions about instruments/repairs/service:

Can I order a custom instrument from you? (yes)

- We'll gladly procure custom guitars, basses and drum kits with your preferred specs from selected brands like Fender Custom Shop, Nik Huber, Suhr, Tom Anderson, Nashguitars, James Tyler, Vincent Basses, Shabat, Collings, Tama, DW, Sonor and many more. Be aware this will usually require a 50% deposit, take multiple months and voids any right of withdrawal. Get in touch to let us make your dream instrument happen.

Is a case/gigabg/flightcase/footswitch/cover etc. included? Or can it be purchased additionally? (see product description)

- Included items will be mentioned in the description, and usually shown on the product images. We often sell suitable accessories, many cases and gigbags are shown in our webshop, further items (strings, picks, stands, tuners, straps, capos, tubes etc.) are available at request.

Do you have any items in stock which are not offered in the webshop?

- Generally we list all of our in-stock instruments on the website, we might be able to source other products from our brands (for example specific pickups from Lollar or Suhr). Accessories like capos, strings, stands, picks etc. are't listed, but can too be ordered on request.

Are the items new or used? (check item title and description)

- Unless described as used, the items are new from factory. For used and B-stock products there will usually be a description of the flaws including pictures in the webshop.

Will you set up the guitars/basses? (yes)

- We check all instrument before shipping, and set them up if necessary. Specific preferences for strings/gauge/tuning can of course be accommodated for.

Is the original packaging used for shipping? (mostly)

- Usually we ships instruments, amps or effects in their original boxes, often with additional outer packaging. If the original box is unsuitable, damaged or missing we'll use other suitable packaging.

Can you upgrade the pickups/tuners/electrics/speaker etc.? (yes)

- Yes, we'll modify used or new instrument to your liking.

My amp doesn't work properly anymore, can you help? (yes)

- We're able to service and repair most tube amps (tube replacement/bias/recapping/troubleshooting etc.).

My guitar needs a setup/strings/new frets/repair etc., can you help? (yes)

- We'll set up, upgrade or repair electric or acoustic guitars and basses.

Do you trade in used equipment? (rarely)

- We sell mostly new items. Sometimes we offer used instruments for customers or from a trade-in, but selling privately usually makes much more sense for customers.